Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Guide: Amazon Appstore for Non US users

Amazon few months ago launched its own web and mobile version of the own Android Marketplace called as the "Amazon Appstore".

The Amazon Android App Store gives away a paid application free for a day.But unfortunately it's limited to US customers only for the time being.

Modaco.com site admin Paul found a way to trick Amazon to get the Amazon Appstore.
All credits goes to him.

Step 1 - Create a Amazon account

First you need to create an Amazon.com account. Even if you have an amazon account its better to create a new one. Visit the Amazon.com sign in page and select 'No, I am a new customer'.

Step 2 - Setting up your billing address

Next you need to set up a US address, you do this on the Manage Address Book page. This MUST be a valid US address.

I used Google's HQ Address which is
'1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043'

Step 3 - Setting up your phone number

Since I have a Google Voice account. I used that number. You could type any number starting with +1. Easier than that.

Step 4 - Setting up your payment card

Use a test card number from one of the credit card providers, I used one of the PayPal test CC number

Step 5 - Install the AppStore on your device

After successfully creating the Amazon account. Amazon will mail you with the link to download the apk. Install the apk and Enjoy the free app a day

If anything goes wrong

  • Visit the Digital Orders Page page and you will see your pending purchases
  • Choose the option to retry the purchases, this time using your non-US card
  • The payments will complete and you will be able to download the apps on your device

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Guide on Getting Google Music outside United States

This is how i got my Google Music Beta Invitation. Took me less than and 5 minutes to configure it.Before everything you need an Android phone( Requires a rooted phone) to do this,. and all thank goes to Paul O Brian for the great guide he provided.

Step 1 - Requesting for an invitation
Go to http://music.google.com/about/ via a US proxy and request for an initation. I used http://www.hidemyass.com/

Step 2 - Get the New Google Music Android App 3.0.1

Check market for the New Google Music Beta App. If its not there, Use Market Enabler to fake the provide to some US provider(probably T- Mobile US) and recheck the market. Also you can manually download the apk and install It.

Step 3 - Last and the Hardest Part

You have to edit your phones build properties to get it quickly. Click Here
Copy the system/build.prop file to your computer and edit the build prop to match the one above in the link. Make sure to take a backup of your build.prob before editing. I used Root Explorer to replace the file. And Restart the phone, and keep in online (connected with the internet for 1 hour). Also go to the Downloaded Music Beta App, Visit Market app etc to make Google think that you are using a Motorola Xoom (Google exclusively rolls out invitation for Motorola Xoom Users). Thats It, after about one hour replace you build.prop with the original one.

Viola Thats It. Wait for the invitation. I got mine in one hour.

Google Music Beta Rolls Out in Europe

As you all know Google started the Google Cloud service in 2011's Google IO Event. Now Europeans have started to receive Google Music Beta invitations.

Source: Link

If you are not from US or Europe and wanted to try out the Music Beta Follow this guide.