Friday, June 8, 2012

Project MotionMote - Control Games via Android Phone Wirelessly

MotionMote is all about turning your Android smart phone to control PC games. This idea be extended for other mobile OS platforms as well.

Most of the motion based controllers WiiMote and PlayStationMove are not very popular in  computer gaming due to price, lack of connectivity. Instead joysticks, joy pads and steering wheels are heavily used for computer simulation based games, but they do not support motion detection. The MotionMote binds the functionality of smartphone touch screen and and motion sensors, to create a virtual gaming environment for PC simulation based games wirelessly. The six axis accelerometer sensor and the multi-touch technology in the latest smartphones gives precise inputs to the PC.

The smartphone and the computer should be connected through wifi. Data is transmitted to the computer via the phone, and then the compute retransmit  data to virtual joypad (PPJoy) is a virtual joystick driver.

All the executable files can be downloaded from here.

Technologies used
  • Android SDK 2.1(Mobile App)
  • .Net Framework 3.5(Desktop Application)
References – DroidPad